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The U.S. East Coast North Carolina tour

○U.S.A.:North Carolina :Charlotte
North Carolina, is one of the states in the southeastern part of the United States. Population by 2010 census was 9,535,483 people. In the 50 United States, # 28 in the land area, it is # 10 in the population. Capital is Raleigh City, population largest city is Charlotote City.

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○Japan:Hokkaido :gggg

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U.S.A.:California :City not translated.

Date:2015/04/01 Poster:Jezenda

Can you export Baseball to my country??? What I like about baseball, specially MLB is its one-on-one confronting between the pitcher and the batter where tremendous amount of thinking and strategies are involved at not only both players levels, but managers, teams, sponsors... levels before, during, and after pitch. Besides, the beautiful and green natural grass, modern architecture of the baseball park , and top players that represent different countries with their nation's prides that I watch on TV just make me wonder how successful the MLB's operations would be as marketing perspective. I would like to watch MLB games on TV everyday in my town!

Mountains in Bhutan

Asia:Bhutan :Thimphu

Date:2014/03/25 Poster:Josh

Bhutan's gross national happiness(GNH) is world #1 and is calculated by placing environmental concerns and spiritual well-being over rampant capitalism.

Magdeburg SC11

Europe:Germany :Magdeburg

Date:2013/10/21 Poster:Jeniffer

I want to know about the success behind German bundesliga for the last 5 to 10 years and Brazil World Cup 2014, and how recent economic prosperity of Germany are related to those results.

Adelaide AF 26ers

Oceania:Australia :Adelaide

Date:2013/10/21 Poster:Jotos

It seems that Adelaide AF 26ers is really famous and good team in Australia, but I wonder when and how Ausie Rules was invented. Anyway I will visit Adelaide some day.

Maverick Sports Media Corporation

Europe:UK :London

Date:2014/05/14 Poster:Steve

By providing sports entertainment news to the various organizations across the glove this company have been supporting them to achieve their goals.

Denmark Power Corporation

Europe:Denmark :Billund

Date:2014/05/15 Poster:Peter

Electricity generated by wind turbines in Demark now accounts for 20 % of the total electricity generation.

The name has not been translated yet.

Japan:Shizuoka :Shimizu

Date:2013/08/16 Poster:Matt

How did I get there? In the middle of nowhere I turned left.

Stockholm Garden Restaurant

Europe:Sweden :Stockholm

Date:2014/03/18 Poster:John

It is a example of notable restaurants in Sweden.

Ishikawa traditional recipe

Japan:Ishikawa :City not translated.

Date:2014/04/04 Poster:Mike

It's like Taco Bar and ..., ...., ........, Sushi Bar all in one.

Pennsylvania blueberry pancake

U.S.A.:Pennsylvania :Philadelphia

Date:2014/03/04 Poster:Mike

It's like Taco Bar and Sushi Bar all in one.