Worldwide regional vitalization project.

Wouldn't it be tremendous if you could trigger to vitalize the town that your heart belong to, whether it's your own hometown, the town or the city you currently live or you happened to visit and such?

What is >>> is an enabler for such an inner desire you have. >>> is the worldwide regional vitalization and multilingual learning project that will make it possible.

This is the link to >>> (the demo site).

(photos are from the demo site.)

To build worldwide movements of collaborations. is all about how much we can build worldwide movements of regional as well as global vitalization in the ways of posts and mutual translations where many different organizations get connected and collaborate each other.

Designed to focus on all the regions in the world. is a platform that is designed to focus not only on one particular region, but on any region of the world, whether it's South America, Oceania, Africa, Asia, Central America, Europe, or United States with efficient manners from global economical point of view by connecting each region in the ways of postings and mutual translations. >>>

About categories.

This project is all about to make world a better place by providing a platform where everyone in the world can participate by posting their photos of nine categories which include scenery, sports team, company, school, resorts/hotel/real estate, restaurant, travel, merchandise, and recipe (expected to increase later) of "the town".

Multilingual entrances.

The poster can post with any language which includes English, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Arabic, Italian, Japanese, and German (expected to increase later), and whatever language used for the first post will be potentially translatable into other languages. >>>

For example, if people in China posted photos in Chinese the original post with Chinese will potentially be translated into other languages such as English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Arabic, Italian, and Japanese.

Three ways (plus one) of translations.

① Volunteer Translation:

Someone in the world who is familiar with the language translation from one particular language to other languages can translate it voluntarily via internet for the town, his or her educational purpose, or maybe for the global peace.

② Paid Translation:

The poster can use the pay service by asking professional translators for translations in the case of business needs.

③ Translation by yourself:

The poster can translate the sentence by him or herself.

④ Machine Translation (eventually):

The machine will transalte for you.

Who we are. project is developed and operated by Global Business Japan inc. , located in Urayasu, Japan where Tokyo Disneyland is located in. It is a start-up company specializing in supporting foreign companies to make inroads into the Japanese market. We have been forcusing on for foreign companies to overcome obstacles, cultural barriers, business practice differences they may face when making inroads here in the Japanese market from marketing and system developing perspectives. Ever since we started our business we've been studying if we could develop a system where the user in the world can get connected without facing language differences, or companies can make efficient marketing activities domestically as well as internationally. is the outcome of all those quests and desires that we have been accumulating ever since. is a platform that is designed to focus on any region of the world.

How does do it actually? (In the case of the state of California)

Whichever state you are posting, whether it's New York, Texas, Illinois, Alabama or Washington D.C., we believe you can end up with vitalizing and eventually boosting the regional economy of the state you post by using That is how we intended to design for.

To post photos of the town.

For example, if your hometown, the town you are currently live, or the town you just like is the state of California, and then all you have to do is to post the photo of California, the photo either scenery, sports team, school, restaurants, resorts, recipe, company, travels, or merchandise into >>>

To display other products of the same state.

Your post of the photo, let's say, the scenery of California, will display the travel product to California or real estate product of California, or merchandise or service of California at the detail page due to category relation functionality so that your post will stimulate demands of site viewers to purchase the travel products, real estate products, or merchandises or services of California (Those travel and real estate agencies or merchandise sellers have to post their products or services into beforehand.).

Translatable into as many different languages as possible.(Nine lanaguages at the moment.)

Unique about is that all those contents that you post potentially will be translated into as many as nine different languages at the moment which include English, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Arabic, German and Italian(expected to increase as many different langaue as possible later).

To stimulate consumption and boost local economy.

Consequently your post as well as the travel product to California, real estate product of California, or merchandise or service of California potentially will be translated into those nine languages as well which simply means that people from those language areas are also able to understand and might be interested in purchasing those products.

6 billion people will be using smartphones in 2020.

Theoretically speaking, by using, you can multiply nine times more viewers globally than without using it, though it depends upon the actual number of people who uses the languages. Statistically speaking, considering 6 billion people in the world are estimated to be using smartphone devices at the year of 2020, this translation functionality that has would be something that differentiates from the rest as global marketing perspectives. >>>

Global marketing tool.

Whatever objective you may use it will be working as your global marketing tool. The information that you posted will be potentially translatable into as many as nine different languages (expected to increase more) which you can use as a tool to expand globally.

Multilingual learning tool. also works as a multilingual learning tool for anyone to use since it has a functionality of showing as many as nine different language translations in the pages of smartphone, tablet, or PC. You can use as a tool for multi-lingual educational purpose where the post from all around the world will teach you what is going on in the world with nine different languages that were translated.

(photos are from the demo site.)

Travel search functionality.'s travel search functionality looks something like below. Even though it is still under constructions, you are able to search travel products by price, destination, departure airport(any airport in the world) from either p.c., smartphone, or tablet.

Multiple currency converter. >>> has multiple currency converter calculated by the exchange rates of that day so that you can convert from any currency to the currency that you would like to refer to. If real estate agency or travel agency in the United States posts its product with the U.S. dollar, the person in China who is interested in the products can refer to how much the product cost in Chinese Yuan by converting from the U.S. dollar to Chinese Yuan at the exchange rate of the day.

20 different currencies at the moment (expected to increase as many currencies as possible).'s multiple currency converter function includes currencies of U.S. dollar, Euro, Swiss Franc, British Pond, Russian Ruble, Japanese Yen, Chinese Yuan, Korean Wong, Taiwan Dollar, Singapore Dollar, Thai Bart, Indian Rupee, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, New Zealand dollar, Brazilian Real, Mexican Peso, U.A.E. Dirham(expected to increase more).

To post for free even if profit making purposes.

You can post photos for free even if you are real estate or travel agency or merchandise seller, and at moment only can allow you to have the link to official site.

Where we are in the project. (It's still under construction.)

Again this project is all about how much we can build worldwide movements of regional as well as global vitalization in the ways of posts and mutual translations where many different organizations get connected and collaborate each other by using

Marketing development. >>>

In that sense, as far as marketing and relationship developments are concerned, we are in the process of developing the entire ecosystem of project that will involve various organizations such as Universities, local governments, tour agencies, real estate agencies, professional or amateur sports teams, hotel organizations, restaurants chains, foods associations and such so that they can collaborate each other to vitalize not only their own towns but also regions from all around the world to boost global economy. Specially, we are thinking whether or not if it's possible to develop the ecosystem of volunteer translations by connecting Universities and schools around the world where international students around the world who are bilingual or multilingual can support for the translations for their own countries.

System development.

As far as system developments are concerned, even though the system is working fine enough at this time, it is still the demo site, and we still need some minor adjustments to be made, and we have not started the actual operation yet. We also would like to add some functions such as real estates management system, credit card payment system, and restaurant and hotel reserve system.

To build new business model in

We are studying and trying to build the next generation of business and technology model into that will connect the world as efficiently and seamlessly as possible in order to make the world a better place where as many as 6 billion people will be using smartphone devices in 2020.

We will be adding new features such area as FinTech, EdTech, A.I., Data Analysis, HelthTech, and etc..

Building a team.

As far as human resource managements are concern we are in the process of building worldwide team. We need more staffs for building relationships towards different language areas such as Spanish area, Chinese area, Portuguese area, French area, German area, Arabic area, Italian area, and English area as well.

What we need to achive the goal. >>>

To be honest, since the project itself is enormous and time-consuming which needs so many different organizations to be collaborated, it would be very difficult for a small company like us who is trying to build from scratch, from nothing at all, to even continue without some kind of supports. Besides, the project itself is not developed to make profits for the time being. We are not making any profit at all at moment and all we have made so far have been nothing but costs of system developments and operations and marketing and relationship developments, except some hope for future. Your support will make a lot of differences to us as well as to the world and will be the huge step for any region in the world to be triggered to vitalize which will eventually lead to boost the global economy by their posts being translated into as much as nine languages and then their information to be transmitted to the rest of the world efficiently.

The Impact will provide.

Risks & Challenges

First of all, it all depends upon how people in the world get to know about what is meant to be in a sense of regional as well as global vitalization contexts for us to achieve the goals. So risks and challenges would be whether or not they could empathize our visions of the regional vitalization and understand the way how project would play a roll as well as how well we could manage and operate project. So how effectively we could build the ecosystem of global collaborations that would include various organizations would be the hardest part of the challenge we would face. Secondly, since is a multilingual platform that deals with nine different languages currently, it is easily expected that we will be facing language difference problems that will be caused by both the platform system as well as posted contents. Therefore how we develop the daily operation of world widely will be something that we have to consider.

To overcome those risks and challenges we have to keep working on marketing and relationship developments with every possible way we could think of by using the most sophisticated way so that we could involve as many valuable and different kind of organizations as possible who would empathize our visions and help us.

We also have to keep enhancing the system of over and over so that it will keep up with the most updated technology trends where they change rapidly and every user in the world feels that it is very easy and comfortable to use. We have been working this kind of international business and system related issue ever since its foundation and experiencing for dealing with developing global collaborations, so we would say that we are ready for it. We also believe that once they realized the vision and the usage of it would become very beneficial and irreplaceable tool for them. Lastly, one thing for sure is that even though we ended up with failure we will be learning something new from it which will be the learning effect for the project enhancement.

Other Ways You Can Help

We would deeply appreciate if you could actually post the photo of your town and translate if you are familiar with the translation of the original contents, or let people or organizations such as Universities, local governments, tour agencies, real estate agencies, professional or amateur sports teams, hotel organizations, restaurants chains, foods associations and such know about project to collaborate by postings and translating.(It's still under construction.)