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Tokyo Tower standing gently in town




It is reported that the height is 333 m (more accurately 332.6 m [1], 351 m above sea level), the distance between the tower legs is 88.0 m [annotation 1]. It totaled about 3 billion yen, a year and a half (1,9794,015 hours / 543 days) totaling 219,335 personnel was completed and it was completed. It is a train radio tower with an observatory at 125 meters above sea level (150 meters above sea level) and 223.55 meters above sea level (250 meters above sea level) [3].


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    Tokyo Tower

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    Tokyo Tower (Tokyo Tower) is a nickname for the comprehensive radio tower in Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo. The official name is the Japanese radio tower (Nippon Telephone Tower) [Required Verification - Note]. It was completed on 23rd December 1958. It is known as a hsymbol and sightseeing spot in Tokyo.