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The U.S. East Coast North Carolina tour

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    North Carolina:


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    4 persons 10 rooms

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    7 stays 8 days

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North Carolina, is one of the states in the southeastern part of the United States. Population by 2010 census was 9,535,483 people. In the 50 United States, # 28 in the land area, it is # 10 in the population. Capital is Raleigh City, population largest city is Charlotote City.

□ The contents of Charlotte in the state of North Carolina.

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    Charlotte Resort

    U.S.A.:North Carolina: Charlotte

    North Carolina (North Carolina / NC), state of the Southern United States region. East faces the Atlantic Ocean, north Virginia, south South Carolina, Georgia, adjacent to the west Tennessee. State capital (Raleigh, Rari both) Raleigh. The largest city Charlotte

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